Bella Update

Just wanted to give you the latest update on Baby Bella. From her mom last night:

David (Bella’s Dad) and I have gotten to be with Arabella a bit and she seems to be doing well considering what she’s been through today. She was already beginning to wake up by around 4 so they were going to prob up her sedation meds just a little. She had gotten one bolus dose of morphine. I held her hand and told her how much we loved her and how proud of her we are. I told her how beautiful she is and wished her sweet dreams for her rest. The nurses want her to just rest tonight so she can just focus on healing. I should be able to hold her again when she gets her breathing tube removed in maybe 4 days to a week. I can’t wait! Thank you for all the prayers!

For those of you who have been through this with your little ones, you know this next days are stressful. Please keep this family and this little Angel Bella in your prayers.

This picture and those bright eyes are so cute - I just had to post it!
This picture and those bright eyes are so cute – I just had to post it!

I cannot help but think of the faithfulness of God as I write this. Yesterday, I posted a blog about Bella asking you all to pray and our faithful friends in the Down syndrome community and beyond rallied. You sent messages saying “Added her to our church prayer group”, “added her to our FB prayer group” and on and on. I have goose bumps writing that!  The hands and feet of God in the DS community. Awesome!

Myself?  Right now I’m listening to Steven Curtis Chapman’s Fingerprints of God.  It’s that song I listen to before I go to any of Rachel’s meetings. About to head over to meet with her team and do a little iPad training and work on home-school communication so we can make this another successful year!  I see the Fingerprints of God on Rachel and Bella today!


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