Blame it on Special Needs

I’ve been busy so this will be short. Just keep thinking about this though.  A few weeks ago we had dance recital. Rachel has always taken dance at a typical dance studio. We love the studio where she dances. They are very loving and have been great to include her. I was one of the backstage moms for the recital. Knowing how little I know about dance or make-up, this is rather frightening. However, I am pretty good at keeping order. Our class had two stage moms. We probably only needed one but that was okay. Our girls were older and for the most part, didn’t need a lot of help. One of the younger classes had only one mom. The class was larger and they had some high maintenance children. We pitched in to help. She probably needed another helper. She thanked me for my help and told me that she had some students with “special needs.”  My response with no thought was, “My daughter has Down syndrome and she is better behaved than most of the typical kids.”  She didn’t say much to me after that. We were almost done and I didn’t say it in an angry way. I just said it in my way.

That’s all I have to say today.


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  1. I can hear you now! Makes my day. Of course your sweet southern drawl ringing in my ears makes me wish I could have been a mouse in the corner. The truth is the truth. Love the recital pic!

  2. My daughter Lizzy w/T21, is Rachel’s age and we have been following your blog for some time. I have also made that same comment about behavior. I can tell that Rachel and Lizzy would be great friends as they have much in common. Lizzy has a penpal through ebuddies and would love another penpal if Rachel is interested. I can send her email address if so and FB info too.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting. Some on FB wanted to know if I thought she meant this in a bad way. I doubt it and I really don’t know. I just tire of our kids always being singled out. They are in a fishbowl and behavior that barely gets a second look in many typical kids, gets our kids on the verge of being sent to the segregated classroom… that’s all I have to say.

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