Bye Bye Hannah Montana?

Rachel loves Hannah Montana.  Rachel’s first Disney Channel fixation was “Lizzie McGuire” followed by “That’s So Raven” and then came “Hannah Montana.”  Rachel had/has everything Hannah Montana – bags, clothing, microphones, microphone lip gloss, perfume, movies, CD’s, dance mats, wigs (not just one but two!) and more. From her 1st day of school outfit


to the same outfit paired with a wig for Halloween costumes.

hannah montana rachel

In fact the entire family had to dress up. I’m Lola. Jonathan is Billy Ray. Check out the mullet.


Rachel managed her fear of heights to sit in the rafters at Fed Ex Forum to see Hannah Montana.  She bit her lip and said, “I can do it for Hannah Montana.”  After moving to KC, the Miley Cyrus tour came.  I seriously considered therapy after spending an obscene amount of money so Rachel would not have to sit in the rafters again. Then, the show date changed and her amazing daddy braved throngs of screaming tweens to take her to see her Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Rachel demonstrated the Hannah Montana Dance Mat on a segment for Fox TV Kansas City. Her first CYT Audition was Hannah Montana’s “Nobody Perfect,” and she has danced with her buddy Joe Meares to “If We Were a Movie” on more than one occasion.


She LOVED/LOVES Hannah Montana.

As Hannah Montana’s show came to an end and we started to see Miley changing a bit, we told Rachel that Miley was making some choices that weren’t for the best. We would not stop her from listening but we would like her to think about what God would want her to do. She seemed unphased by this.  We trudged on and then came the twerking nonsense. At that point, we showed Rachel some photos and again said, “We will not say you can’t listen to her but we would prefer you didn’t.” We told her that Jesus loved Miley but he didn’t love what she was doing. Enter massive amounts of self-talk. She had numerous conversations with herself, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. At some point in that week she said, “Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are not the same. So it’s okay. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Last week she told us that she was dancing in he room to music on her iPad and Miley came on. Disgustedly she pronounced that Miley was not dressed appropriately so “I turned it to another song!”  We bit our lips (it was a laughable moment) and commended her choice. Later in the week she pronounced that there were kids who didn’t have books who needed books so she was going to donate her Hannah Montana books. She gathered three of her favorites and has been re-reading them over the weekend.

hm books

Again we commended her.

So I thought perhaps we could clean out a few Hannnah Montana items. Saturday I said, “Rachel, can we take down the Hannah Montanna poster on your door?”  Response: “NOa!  You are so silly mommy.”


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  1. NDSC, KC, 2007—-My friendship with Rachel Mast began. Mostly because I was the ONLY adult she’s met who knew all the words to, “If we were a Movie.” Rachel and I still sing that song and I agree—-HM and MC are not the same. Rachel and I still like Hannah and we will keep on singing and dancing!

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