Char the Watermelon: Born at a Pink House

I think it is fitting that we hit 51 ABLE Co-Sponsors in the Senate and 310 in the House yesterday.  As I said in my FB post yesterday, that’s one more step toward Rachel’s pink house in NYC.  I’m less sure about the NYC part than the pink house part?  Really – which do you think she would prefer?

pink apartment. jpg pink house1

I think it is practically perfect because today Rachel is doing her monologue in theatre class. The monologue is “Troy Story.”  It is really clever. I understand the para helped her with the sentences but the ideas were her own. Her personality and dreams are definitely intertwined.  I had decided to post it on my blog and it coincides with good news for her pink house dreams. I hope you enjoy and promise if you could see her do it, you would enjoy it even more.

Troy Story

“Hi! I’m Char the Watermelon. I was born in the garden of a pink house in New York.

Can you believe it? I was picked in the prime of my youth and sold to the grocery store?  There, I met the love of my life, Troy Grapes.  He didn’t have a blemish on his pretty face. We snuggled and kissed on the fruit isle.  I hoped we would be married by Pineapple Preacher, but that was not to be. I was snatched up and chopped into pieces for fruit salad. Lucky for me, Troy got thrown in with me.  We were goilng to spend the rest of our lives together.

I couldn’t believe our bad luck when a girl named Rachel said we looked delicious and bought us. We were enjoyed by all at a picnic in the park.  Love you Troy Grapes.”

char the watermelon

Rachel and Char the Watermelon say – #PASStheABLEAct NOW PLEASE!

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