May 13, 2011

Our weekend is packed!  From Christian Youth Theater’s (CYT East) Annie, starring our friend Abby Kate Lasala and many of our other CYT friends, to Daddy’s Ultra on Saturday, to middle school transition breakfast on Sunday morning, CYT South’s Sound of Music  (more CYT friends!) Sunday afternoon, and Rachel’s Children’s Choir program at Blue Valley Baptist Church followed by the reception that I’m coordinating.  That’s a lot!  In the middle of all of that Rachel has two soccer games Saturday afternoon. She plays Upward soccer at College Church of the Nazarene (http://www.ccnupward.org/), and we think they do a great job. Rachel doesn’t run as fast as most of the kids. She doesn’t kick the ball very hard (but she did kick if four times last week!) and she is not the most coordinated girl on the field. She does, however, have the biggest, best smile of anyone on any of the fields.


Last week, my dear husband reminded me about perspective.  Deborah Wiebrecht over at Variety Children’s Charities of Greater Kansas City (http://www.varietykc.org/one-royal-afternoon.html) invited Rachel to be part of an ad the Royals Charities and Variety did to promote the August 28 Royals Run. The run will benefit Variety and the video featured pitcher Bruce Chen and a dozen or so of Variety’s kids.  Rachel has been honored to have had the opportunity to participate in so many special events like this. We always consider a privilege to represent those who are differently-abled and to help promote positive public awareness.  Jonathan took Rachel to the video shoot at Kaufman. Variety benefits children with both cognitive and physical delays.  Most of the children participating in the video shoot had mobility issues. Most were in wheelchairs or had walkers. It was quite a challenge just to get all of them with their gear to the field – something they and their families deal with on a daily basis.  Then, there were access issues and then they had to get back upstairs to go to the parking lot and leave.  When we were all back home Jonathan said, “You know Rachel has some challenges some of the kids with mobility issues don’t have and they have some challenges she doesn’t have. You know I remember as a little boy you just want to run and play.  While Rachel isn’t the fastest in soccer but she can walk and she can run.  Reminded me of our blessings.”   We aren’t feeling pity.  We fully acknowledge the inspiration of all Variety’s children and their families.  What we are feeling is gratitude for the abilities Rachel does have. She can walk and run and play and that’s a lot.  Even though Rachel doesn’t have a physical disability, we probably embrace the miracle of walking and running more than a lot of parents.  Still, we both needed a gentle reminder that perspective is everything. So stop for just a minute and observe some of the miracles around you.


And – if you don’t have busy weekend and live in the Kansas City area, check out one of those CYT plays. You will be amazed and blessed (www.cytkc.org). Need a church family?  Check out www.bluevalleybaptist.org.


kb responded:
I agree. Perspective matters. There are blessings that can be found just about anywhere. Thanks for the reminder.
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