Down Syndrome Blessings

It’s the last day of 2013. I had planned a different blog for the day, but my heart is consumed with one little girl named Arabella. Perhaps you read my blog about her awhile back? If not, here is  It gives you a little background. Baby Bella is now over 8 months old. She has never been home.  Her parents live about an hour from the hospital. They have another child, too. Bella is fighting for her life these last days of 2013.  Her pulmonary hypertension is just ugly. One of those things that Down syndrome makes even more complicated. Please pray for Bella and her family and the doctors and others who will touch her. Even if you don’t believe in praying, pray please.

arabella up close 12-12 arabella mom cmas 12-21

I am truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for this little girl and so many others.  My friends, close and just acquaintances, check on Bella regularly and pray fervently. I am so thankful.

The real group I want to applaud today though is our families of individuals with Down syndrome – especially our momma bears. We have our problems in the Down syndrome community. My friend Pat Baeur wrote a blog about her experience and a sandbox “What’s Lost in Prenatal Testing.” It’s an oldie but a goodie.  Those who know me at all hear me say regularly “The Down syndrome community has to learn to play together in the sandbox.” And we do. Pat’s article is my inspiration for the sand box and it’s not just about prenatal testing. But you know what?  When Bella and so many others need prayers, meals, cards, a kind word, encouragement, even a little self-deprecating humor – the Down syndrome community comes through. We put aside religious and philosophical differences, and we love and care for one another. Sends chills through me and puts a tear in my eye. It makes my heart happy.

senm rachel kissing mom13

So for today this final day of the year 2013, while we continue to work for pink houses, learn to respect and include those with Down syndrome, ponder cures and philosophical differences, and care for one another as no one else can  – for today I am so proud to be a part of the Down syndrome community!

Happy 2014 and I can’t let this last day pass with one final plea: #PasstheABLEAct now!

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