Easter Insights from Rachel

Rachel often has interesting insights.  Easter is a, if not the, most important holiday around our house. Not the Easter bunny but because as Christian, it is the day Christ arose and the basis for our faith.  Rachel understands all of this in her way. She once told our student minster that “Jesus rescued us.” Most importantly, she loves Jesus and often says “I am a Jesus follower.”

Easter Prom 2016 158

If you have read or followed me much you know about Rachel’s dolls, Baby Sally and Marisol. They don’t travel much these days but they are ever-present in Rachel’s room and she chats with them often and tells us about their  life events. For example, this past Monday Rachel had a follow-up with her Otologic doctor for her ear surgery.  Sometimes when we go there, Rachel tells me that Sally and Marisol are going to see their doctor, Dr. Rainbow.  I learned this week that Dr. Rainbow is the ENT, did their tonsillectomies and ear surgeries and he is their dance doctor, dentist, baby doctor, eye doctor – I think that’s it. Quite talented.
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Rachel and I had several discussions this weekend about Easter and Jesus.  Her morning prayer on Easter Sunday thanked Jesus for loving us.  Then, she told her daddy that Marisol was having Easter lunch with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Really?  Yes, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny have lunch together every Easter and this year they invited Marisol. Wow, I said! She must be really special.  The restaurant is called the Christmas Easter Restaurant.  Why not?

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My friend wanted to know if the Tooth Fairy was invited. Not mentioned I told her and I suspect because most of Rachel’s teeth have been surgically removed. Her orthodontist says they like her so much, they don’t come out on their own usually.

Yesterday, we broke with tradition and had lunch out.  We usually invite people over or our family comes to town but yesterday we went out and had a delicious mid-afternoon feast (Jonathan’s Grandma Lucy would call this “slupper”) at Harvey’s at Union Station.

Easter Prom 2016 161

We highly recommend it.  On the way Rachel said, “I hope everyone in heaven is having a great Easter.” We told her that we imagined it was the best.


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  1. Precious Rachel! Jesus gave her to us so that we could see life from a different perspective & I love all of her insights. Very profound!!

  2. Ah Rachel,

    so many in your generation and mine have teeth and roots which refuse to come out without surgical intervention or something short of this.

    Your dolls obviously understand the concept of medical homes and total care. Listened to a John Dwyer interview which was about just this. Dance doctors are indeed very important as I learnt last Tuesday, and baby and eye doctors do fold in together.

    I appreciated your Easterly insights.

  3. This touched my heart because it was my mom’s first Easter in Heaven. I hope she felt the love behind Rachel’s sweet wish and had a great first Easter in Heaven❤️

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