How You Can Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2017 #wdsd17

Tuesday is World Down Syndrome Day #wdsd17,  but I’m posting this today because Rachel wants you to be ready to celebrate with us tomorrow.   WDSD is recognized every year on March 21 (3-21) because Down syndrome is created when a person has three copies of the 21st chromosome.  There are celebrations, ceremonies and educational activities all around.  We especially love Down Syndrome International’s #wdsd17 theme:#MyVoiceMyCommunity – Enabling people with Down syndrome to speak up, be heard and influence government policy and action, to be fully included in the community. Rachel lives that theme better than most anyone I know!

So you aren’t sure what you can do to celebrate Rachel and others with Down syndrome. We have these 21 suggestions!

  1. If you have a shirt from a Down syndrome walk, event or organization, wear it to promote awareness!                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Share my new favorite video – #NotSpecialNeeds
  3. I have a few hashtags to recommend.  Use and promote these hashtags  on social media -#NotSpecialNeeds #JustHumanNeeds #JustLikeYou #WDSD17 #ChangingtheFaceofBeauty #advocacymatters #respect #SpreadtheWordtoEndtheWord #inclusionworks #inclusionmatters #MyVoiceMyCommunity #randomactsofkindness #RAK
  4. Check out the #notspecialneeds #justhumanneeds
  5. Do you like to run? I don’t. Don’t even understand why people like to run but if you do, you might as well do it to celebrate Down Syndrome. You can be a part of the National Down Syndrome Society’s  NDSS Racing for 3.21 Virtual runners and walkers welcome, too.
  6. Buy a book about Down syndrome and donate to a school or a library. Check out Woodbine for some ideas.
  7. Participate in the collaborative WDSD Random Acts of Kindness Campaign #randomactsofkindness #RAK
  8. Take the Pledge to End the Use of the R-Word. This is always timely and always respectful. @endtheword #respect #SpreadtheWordtoEndtheWord
  9. Make friends with someone with Down syndrome.
  10. Does your child have a child in his/her school with Down syndrome?  It would be great for you to encourage your child to be friends with him/her. You might even consider asking if your child can be in that child’s class at school. #inclusionworks #inclusionmatters
  11. Invite a friend with Down syndrome to a birthday party, lunch, the football game or another school or community event.
  12. Volunteer for your local Down syndrome organization or other disability related organization that may provide services for individuals with Down syndrome. There are many opportunities. Groups are always looking for good committee members to help with events and  direct service volunteers
  13. Commit to organizing a team for your local or nearby Down syndrome walk.                
  14. Donate to the Down Syndrome Adoption Network
  15. Offer to give your friends with a child with Down syndrome a date night by hosting the child/family member for the evening.
  16. Join the fun and wear funky socks, #lotsofsocks
  17. Are you in a position where you might hire a person with Down syndrome? Meaningful, competitive employment is important. Be a part of #DSWORKS®
  18. Change your profile picture to one with your picture in your Down syndrome shirt.
  19. Learn more about including individuals with Down syndrome in the media and if you are in a position to include someone with Down syndrome in advertising, please do so – #ChangingtheFaceofBeauty
  20. Sign up for NDSS Advocacy Alerts so you can learn more about legislation that is important to individuals with Down syndrome and why.  You might even decide to take action.#advocacymatters
  21.  So for real, my all-time favorite video is Just Like You – Down Syndrome. Rachel closes all of her “I Love My Life” presentations with a reminder that you should watch “Just Like You-Down Syndrome” and you will see that “I am just like you.”

Rachel says you can do any of these or just celebrate people with Down syndrome year round. That will make her heart happy! Mine too!  Happy #WDSD17 #MyVoiceMyCommunity


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