I Love Peanut Butter!



I am proud of my Southern heritage (hence the SassySouthernGal title; more on that another day).  One very southern thing about me is that I do so love to cook, and I love to use food to make people happy.  All the cooks I know consider it a great compliment when someone asks them for a recipe.  I love peanut butter. If I were going to be on a desert island with one food it would probably be peanut butter. I love toffee and chocolate and my daughter loves brownies. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this Peanut Butter Toffee Cheesecake Brownie bar recipe. I posted a picture; although I don’ t think food photography is one of my gifts. It’s a Pillsbury Bake-Off Recipe and if you haven’t Liked them on Facebook or started receiving emails with their latest greatest recipes, please do!  I haven’t changed it any, which is quite unusual for me. My husband says he thinks it is the best thing I’ve ever made.  So – I felt it should be shared. A note of warning:  The cheesecake layer is hard to spread over the brownie layer.  Make sure you use a thick brownie mix. Make it and enjoy. Great end of year treat for those teachers, and you can easily freeze some of the bars and take out to eat later. I am pretty sure Peanut Butter must have been discovered in the South.  Oh – here’s a link to the recipe. Enjoy!




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Jonathan responded:
Now keep in mind almost everything Jawanda cooks I say is the best thing ever. I am glad she likes to experiment, but I will say these are exceptional. Now you know why I am a runner.
Bethany responded:
I can attest that this is one yummy dessert!
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