I Love You, Daddy!

June 19, 2011

Just a brief Happy Father’s Day to my two favorite daddies:  My daddy Hershel Barnett and Rachel’s Daddy, my husband Jonathan Mast.  Both are great dads in very different ways.  My dad always believed in me.  I always knew I was loved.  As I have journeyed through life, I have learned that those are gifts to be cherished.  He also taught me to love sports – especially fast pitch softball, baseball, college football and NFL football.  We spent countless hours watching NFL football on Sunday afternoon and our beloved Miami Dolphins. My deep love for the Arkansas Razorbacks was seeded and nourished by my dad. That deep love for the Hogs caused me to want to go to the University of Arkansas. A little girl’s dream comes true.  My dad is also pretty funny. Once when I was in college he told me, “Young lady, you are a liberal now but someday when you have to pay taxes you’ll become a conservative.”   What were they taking out of my McDonald’s paycheck I wondered?  Anyhow, I still have great memories of keeping score at fast pitch softball tournaments, learning all the NFL quarterbacks and watching Razorback football.  I look forward to many more adventures to Hog games. Happy Daddy’s Day Dad!


Jonathan is a great daddy to Rachel, too.  They have daddy-daughter dates.  They love to eat popsicles in the summer. They ride roller coasters together.  Almost every night of her life, they have read together.  That’s their bedtime routine. They read together and she goes to sleep. He has taken her to see Miley Cyrus, the Cheetah Girls and the Jonas Brothers. That is true love and devotion! Their dream is to go to outer space. Ask either one of them and they will tell you. That’s what they both wish for on their birthdays.  I’m staying grounded!  Jonathan does a lot for Rachel that, like most children, she will never really know about. He goes to all her IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings and has meaningful input. I know in many houses that is left totally to the mom. We are partners in this journey and he is invested.  The very best gift Jonathan gives to Rachel is loving our Lord. He teaches her about Jesus through his actions and words.  He is a good husband to me and she sees that every day. Happy Father’s Day and thanks for being the best daddy Rachel could possibly have. I can hear her saying “I love you, Daddy!”

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