Inclusion Working: Our Friend Ben

Today, I wanted to share this awesome video featuring our friend Ben.  We met Ben and his mom at our early intervention program, Special Kids and Families. He and Rachel were just a couple of weeks old.  Our families became dear friends. I like to say eternal friends.

Ben and Rachel did early intervention together, went to a developmental preschool program called the Harwood Center and attended the same Mother’s Day Out program for a while. At age three their paths diverged a bit because we were zoned for different public schools and our choices in private preschool programs differed. Then, we moved to Kansas eight years ago.  Still, Ben’s mom and I still talk almost every week and usually several times. Across a couple of states we still support each other. Both our families share high expectations and value inclusion in all things.  We have a lot of good stuff to share on these calls, and we share a lot of the hurdles that not everyone understands. Ours is a strong and faithful friendship.

Special Kids and Families merged with an organizations called SRVS a few years ago. One of SRVS’ big fundraising events every year is a wine tasting. You might remember that Rachel spoke at it last year. This year, Ben was the featured speaker for SRVS Sparkling Nights. They made this amazing video about Ben’s life. It shows how SRVS Kids & Families (previously Special Kids and Families) gave Ben the foundation he needed and how he has been included in school, church and community. Like Rachel, he is a junior in high school.  Here is the video link –

One of  the main reasons I am sharing this is I think it is encouraging.  This video beautifully illustrates the benefits of inclusion and not just for Ben.



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