Italian Advertisers Saatchi & Saatchi – “Dear Future Mom”

Friday, March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. March 21st of every year has been designated as the day to celebrate the lives on individuals with Down syndrome and to make people more aware of the abilities of individuals with Down syndrome.  March 21 is the day because 3-21 represents the three copies of the 21st chromosome that causes Down syndrome.

While I do have a special “21” planned for Friday, this video caught my attention.  Over the past week it has been shared and re-shared already but it is so beautiful, so touching and diverse that I wanted to be sure no one missed it.

You can read the story but on February 9th the Italian Down Syndrome organization CoorDown received an email from a mom that said, “I’m expecting a baby. I’ve discovered he has Down syndrome. I’m scared: what kind of life will my child have?” They shared it with Italian Advertisers Saatchi & Saatchi and they produced this video.  I think you will agree that it captures the theme of the day: Everyone including those with Down syndrome have a right to happiness and well-being.

Please watch and join me in celebrating life! “Dear Future Mom”

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