Lagging Social Life

June 10, 2011

No time for blogging today because we have a birthday sleepover with nine girls tonight!  A man once tried to shame me into using a product he declared would improve Rachel’s acadmeic, physical and social life. He got mad at me because after promoting his gig, only one person showed up to learn about it. I’m not sure why that was my fault. He promptly began preaching at me about the disservice I was doing to my daughter.  He told me that she would have a “lagging social” life because of my choice not to use the product. I was polite until that lagging comment and then I had my say. Do you think I should invite him to the party?  Pictures forthcoming later of the hot fudge sundae cupcakes I’m crafting.  For today, I am posting some of my favorite first studio shots of Rachel and then a few from age three.  These were done by Hal Jaffe in Memphis. If you live in that area, he is simply fabuolous!  Happy day and happy weekend to all!

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Mechelle Thompson Bailey (Facebook) responded:
Mechelle Thompson Bailey
You know, out of the hundreds of pictures of Rachel, this sweet baby one of her remains my favorite. Just something about those sweet baby toes peeking out from the edge of that dress…makes me melt every time! Happy birthday to Rachel!!
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