Life Lessons with Baby Sally & Marisol

Just in case you don’t know, let me introduce you to Baby Sally and Marisol.


Baby Sally was a Christmas gift to Rachel when she was one. She is a much-loved baby as evidenced by her wear and tear.  She has been on many vacations and has had several ear surgeries, x-rays, ears cleaned, teeth cleaned, annual physicals, and so on. She has been punished for making F’s.



Marisol is Rachel’s American Girl who was the 2005 Girl of they Year. Marisol is a dancer. In the beginning, Marisol was a modern-day Cinderella. She was put on a shelf for several years. When we inquired about this, Rachel promptly responded that Marisol is tired. She cleans, washes the dishes and clothes while we are all away.  However, eventually Marisol garnered almost as much love as Baby Sally. She has her own ice skates, tap shoes, ballet shoes, fish net tights, a crown and a beautiful outfit to wear on her Mission Trip to the North Pole where she will be evangelizing the elves. She, too, has been on many trips and has had several surgeries. She got her tonsils out at the same time as Rachel.


Rachel still keeps Baby Sally and Marisol in her room and though she doesn’t take them places anymore, from time to time I hear her talking with them like a mom to a child. She takes good care of them.

She also tells us about the trouble they get into. For example, just last week Marisol had an encounter that resulted in her losing her phone privileges.

Suffice to say, I learn a lot through and from Baby Sally and Marisol.


A few months ago we went to see “Finding Dory.”  Rachel loved the movie. Rachel loves most movies especially Disney movies.  We came home and Rachel said, “When I go to college next year (she’s rushing it a bit me thinks!), we can give Baby Sally and Marisol to another little girl.”

Imagine my shock. We had just seen “Finding Dory” not “Toy Story.”


I said maybe they could just move to the basement and sleep in their doll bed. “Nope,” she said. She reasoned that some little girl who didn’t have a doll would love to have them. Big heart and she pays attention because she has had several dolls, stuffed animals and games that have moved out of our house with my plea that Jesus would want another little girl to have them.  Then, she said Baby Sally and Marisol might want to move to my Grandma’s house. Grandma’s house doesn’t need anything else I said.

She was determined in her resolve that they would go to a new home but it is not for another year, Mom.There she is with that year thing again when it is almost two years until she graduates.

This is all so disturbing. Baby Sally is quite fragile, and I’m fairly certain she would not survive. It’s also disturbing because I found myself sad and a bit more attached to Baby Sally and Marisol than I had anticipated.

I have my own resolve. Baby Sally and Marisol will quietly move into the basement, even if I have to hide them.

Someday, Rachel will be glad I did.




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  1. Great story but I agree that Baby Sally & Marisol have to forever live with the Mast family. They are such a huge part of Rachel’s memories & should always be part of your family!!

  2. This is just precious! Yes, Baby Sally and Marisol need to stay where they are so dearly loved! Jawanda, you are such an incredible writer! ❤️

  3. I am not sure any of us can say goodbye to Baby Sally. Maybe she can come stay in our doll bed I can’t seem to part with❤️

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