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Inquiring minds wanted to know what we would do since the ABLE Act was now law.  Well, we will work to get the state ABLE Act passed! Today we headed to the Kansas State Capitol and testified in support of the Kansas ABLE Savings Plan. It was a real honor to have our Kansas bill introduced by Representative Erin Davis (R-Olathe) last week. group at KS ABLE testimony 0115

Congressman Yoder (R-KS) came to speak on behalf of the bill and reminded the Children and Senior’s Committee that this bill is the right thing to do and will make a difference for ordinary people. Rachel beamed when he mentioned her name. yoder testimony

I testified in my role as a National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) Ambassador for Kansas and as Rachel’s mom. She was the guest of the day though. She only went rogue a few times. She answered the State Representative’s questions and she was gracious as they applauded her courage and work. One legislator told her she should be a Legislative Page and Rep. Davis already told her she would love to have her. That made mom a little teary eyed in the best sort of way. We still have work to do to get this passed in KS. Like many states our state has budget issues so we must rally the troops, contact our state legislators and get the job finished for all the Rachels in Kansas.

Text of her written and submitted testimony:

rachel proud family testifies ks leg 0115

“My name is Rachel Nicole Mast and I live in Olathe, Kansas. I am 15 years old and I am in the 9th grade at Olathe South High School. I am on Student Council. I made all A’s my first semester. My favorite classes are drama and science. I am rehearsing for Cinderella with Christian Youth Theater. It will be my 16th show. I love to sing and I am in student choir at Blue Valley Baptist Church. I love plays, acting, dancing, going to movies and hanging out with my friends.

I want to work at AMC Theaters. They told me I can when I am 16. I want to go to college at KU or at the University of Arkansas. That’s where my parents went. I want to be a teacher. What I really want is to grow up and get married and live in a pink house. I love Broadway shows so I would really like to live in New York City but I am not sure if my husband will want to do that. My mom and dad say we need to save money for me to be able to do these things.

My mom and I have been working on the ABLE Act for a long time. We go to Washington DC and visit Congressman Yoder, Senator Moran and Senator Roberts. They thought the ABLE Act was a good idea and sponsored it. The President signed it into law. The ABLE Act will help me to be able to go to college, have a job and live in my pink house.

I hope you will think the ABLE Act is a good idea too.

Thank you. Are there any questions?

Rachel Mast

Handing out her personal cards to the Children & Seniors Committee members.
Handing out her personal cards to the Children & Seniors Committee members.
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  1. Thanks for reading everyone. Rachel did do a great job. Can’t say enough about Congressman Yoder and his staff. So honored that he came and kicked this off. I only wish everyone saw Rachel’s abilities the way he does and the way others in that room did. I’ve had multiple emails inviting Rachel to do different things since that Thurs. Been a bit overwhelmed by that mixed in with others who should know better putting up barriers to Rachel’s dreams. Rep. Davis cannot begin to know that she won our hearts forever with that invite to be a page. I think only those of you with kids with disabilities can get that. A blog on that is in the future!

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