My Masterpiece

This weekend Rachel participated in D-Now. D-Now is short for DiscipleNow.  Students are divided by gender and age and stay in host homes of church members for the weekend. Each group of 8 – 12 students has a host family and a leader. The leader leads Bible study times, team building, games, devotional and pours his/her life into students. Last year we were a host home and had 12 6th grade girls in our home. Rachel loves having events in our home, and we enjoyed the time with the girls. Yes we were tired but it was worth it.

This year we were not a host home and she stayed at another home. Rachel is pretty self-sufficient but she is also a creature of order and habit and when her toothpaste is in a different spot or the shower works differently than she is accustomed, she is thrown a little off. Rachel also has to concentrate really hard on conversations and Bible study.  I conversed with the host mom and group leader prior to the event and gave them some tips. I also encouraged them to watch Just Like You – Down Syndrome. That would help prepare anyone.  Rachel had a great weekend reflected in many ways not the least of which was her prayer for her group leader who had an obvious positive impact on her.

The theme for the weekend was “Masterpiece” based on Ephesians 2:10 ” For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”  I actually like the English Standard Version better that says “workmanship” instead of masterpiece.  Isn’t that a beautiful thought though? Each life is a masterpiece. It was also a bit ironic because Rachel made this masterpiece at school.


She is taking art as elective. Art is not her strong suit (mine or Jonathan’s either.)  Her resource teacher had told me that she thought it would be a good elective because the teacher was good. She was right. The teacher has won over Rachel.  With a little help from the teacher and a para, she made this for me. It was supposed to be for Valentine’s Day but she wasn’t finished. She brought it home Thursday and told me it was for me and it is “my masterpiece, Mommy.”  I thought of the irony in that. She would be going to a retreat with the theme of masterpiece and she brought me one. She took a little longer to finish it but it is just beautiful. I love it.  Some of God’s masterpieces take a little longer to complete, too. Some of them are perfect just like they are.

I’m thankful for my masterpiece. Both of them.

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