Olivia’s Speech

May 27, 2011

I am cheating on my blog today. I had a topic in mind but it has been displaced because I believe as many people as possible should hear Olivias’s speech. Warning: my opinion is biased. I met Olivia when she was not quite three. A beautiful little girl who came to early intervention with her little brother Ben and her mom Becky.  Rachel and Ben spent three years together in early intervention. Our families became fast friends but more importantly, eternal friends brought together by an extra chromosome. In this speech, you will see that 14 year old Olivia grasps what eludes many for a lifetime. Enjoy! Olivia’s Speech

Lucile Bott Hester (Facebook) responded:
Lucile Bott Hester
Oh my! I am so glad you posted this. What a wonderful speech. Of course I cried. And reposted. I hope my friends who don’t have a family member with a disability play this and maybe learn a little something about life from this special girl.
Jawanda Mast responded:
Jawanda Mast
Thanks for reading Lucile. Remarkable family and remarkable young lady. As exhibited through Rachel’s friend George, siblings really make an impact and are excellent advocates for those with different abilities!
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