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Rachel is a senior.  This is her fourth year as volleyball manager and volleyball always has an away game on the night of the bonfire, picnic, dance and traditional Junior-Senior Powderpuff game.  They usually make it in time for the end of bonfire and some dancing.  Since she’s a senior, the coach gave Rachel permission to miss so she could participate in the Powderpuff. This was a bit distressing for Rachel because she says the team needs her and she is rule follower and tries to be responsible. We all assured her it was alright.

I wish you could have all been with us last night for the Powderpuff game. I have watched many of these girls grow up.  We’ve gone through the ups and downs of friendship that almost every other girl experiences. We’ve had a few of those moments reserved for those with disabilities. We’ve each had a few tears. Mine usually in private. Fortunately, we all mature and last night I saw that in action.

video OS alma mater powderpuff17

Last night I wish you could have been there. Yes, it was great to see a  Powderpuff game between junior and senior girls that built camaraderie in their groups, among them and the school. I didn’t get a picture but the male cheerleaders were hilarious and great sports.

It was awesome to see the Teamwork between girls and coaches.  Rachel was one of the team captains.  They didn’t tell me until the game was going but they said, “We have a play designed for Rachel.” Rachel was easily the smallest one on the field. Then, as the third quarter progressed, Rachel goes in and gets the hand-off.


The girls cleared the path and she ran about 60 yards for a touchdown. It’s hard to envision but she runs pretty slow with her trademark smile aglow. She doesn’t like to sweat so the girls took extra care to push her on when she slowed down about the 20 yard line. The sponsors told me that they told the girls to stay close because she didn’t like to sweat, and she might just stop about the 20. But their Love and cheers pushed her on across the line for a touchdown. I later found out the two coaches came up with the plan but the teammates, her Friends, enacted it with great love and care.


video yeah rachel powderpuff17

It was great to see Rachel’s joy and excitement, but that wasn’t the best part. The best part was watching her teammates, her Friends and to see in their eyes the genuine Love and Joy they shared. She is loved. She is a part. She is one of them.


On that night, it could have been all about them. After all, they are seniors and they are girls.  They are South. Anyone that has ever been a high school senior knows how self-absorbed we can all be at that point. They chose a different path. That was the best part of the night.


And in a way I can’t fully explain and that only some of you will be able to understand, it was as though I heard God say to me through those moments, “You have fought the good fight. You have persevered. Remember, I told you on February 5, 1999 I had the best plans. Trust me.”

Inclusion works.

*I hope to have a complete video of her TD to post later.


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    1. You have a way of making me tear up. I have never felt graceful….ever. However, I am grateful beyond anything I can express for God’s grace. Thank you for being a mentor, friend and sounding board.

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