We just returned from a few days in Memphis. We had our first stop at my mom’s to celebrate her 75th birthday. Rachel and her MawMaw love each other, and Rachel LOVES birthdays. Fun was had by all.

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The main purpose of our trip to Memphis was for Rachel to speak at a fundraising event. I’m going to blog more about that in a day or two.  We had the opportunity for all of us to spend time with old friends. Rachel mentioned several times that Memphis is her hometown.

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We got home around 9 Monday night. She proceeded to her room for her debrief session with Sally, Marisol and her stuff.  About 10:30 with bright eyes and an infectious smile she came and said, “Mommy come here. I have something to show you.” We have a dry erase board on her door and I write verses, notes, congratulations, encouraging words – that kind of thing. She had erased it and she had written this:

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I peaked in her room and saw that she had her little devotional book reading it. She said this was the verse for the day and she liked it. “God keeps His promises. He does what He says He will do. He is always with us.”

That about says it.

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