Rachel Prayers: Senators Moran and Roberts

Some say Rachel is what we Baptists call a “prayer warrior.” If she says she will pray for you, she does! Her prayers are usually very simple. She is usually thanking God for someone or something. If she loves you and knows you are hurting or sad, she will pray that you are happy. If you have lost someone you love, she will pray and say they are always in your heart. She often prays that her daddy will have fun at work. She prays for herself, her dolls, her family, her auditions, her teachers, friends, church staff members and more. Most often she prays by individual name so some prayers last awhile. It is very sweet and her attitude is contagious.

Without our asking she has been praying for the ABLE Act. She has prayed it through safe passage in the House. She has prayed for her friend Congressman Yoder and his wife and “little baby.” Rachel prays with great confidence. Since the ABLE Act passed the House last week, she has been praying for the ABLE Act to pass in the Senate. Friday she was quite thankful that I had made it home from Washington DC. On the way to school, Rachel usually prays. We started doing this in preschool and we prayed for each classmate by name. That was our method for learning classmate names. Friday morning she had rather lengthy list of people and things to pray for and be thankful for. Then she said, “God please have the Senate pass the ABLE Act.  I know you will help Senator Moran and Senator Roberts get the ABLE Act passed in the Senate for me next week.”

moran fun sen roberts pledge the rub14

So Senators Moran and Roberts, no pressure. You know what to do: #passtheABLEAct, in the Senate, this week!

able passes star photo gallery 3 thumbs up. jpg


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  1. Thanks for reading! We are expecting a vote in the Senate anytime and we can start fundraising for the pink house then.

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