Rachel’s Sweet Prayers, Joe & a Pink House

Rachel prays on the way to school every morning. We started this when she was in preschool. It was a 20 minute drive and she prayed for every single child in her class and all her teachers. We also used it as a teaching method. She learned her classmates names by praying for them.

praying dsaia 3_16

I’m headed to the state capitol this afternoon for a committee meeting regarding the Freedom from Unsafe Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Bill (HB 2534) that is before the Kansas Legislature.  As a reminder, I  went over the after school plans for who would be picking up and how she would get to dance.  Tomorrow, I leave for DSAIA (Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action.) I was at the very first “AIA” ten years ago and presented and sat on panels those first few years. I’ve not been in a few years and I’m thrilled to be back.  I told her that I would see Joe Meares.  He is her former fiancé, but that is another story for another time. Rachel and Joe are buddies.

joe&rachel bww2015

After her thank you for “my school and teachers and help me to do my best on my science test,” her prayer went something like this:

“Thank you that my mom is going to see Joe Meares. They will have so much fun talking.  I know that he will miss me though. I love Joe but he and my mom will have fun. Help my mom to have fun in Topeka today. I hope she sees Erin Davis.  Thank you that my mom gets to work for NDSS now. I love Sara Weir and they will have so much fun in Charlotte.I will miss my mom but she will have fun and she will miss me. I know she is doing her best at her job. Thank you for her job and that she is helping me to get a pink house.”

hi joe am prayer dsaia3_16

That’s all.

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  1. Oh how I love Rachel!! I just need to hug her. She has such a beautiful outlook on life. We can learn so much from her!

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