Typical Tuesday and Malmberg Joys!

A while back another blogging mom asked me if I would be interested in having Rachel featured in one of her “Typical Tuesday” blogs. I said “why of course.” Then, it took me a couple of months to remember to take pictures on a Typical Tuesday!  So Amber’s Typical Tuesday feature for Tuesday, November 5 is a Tuesday in the life of one Rachel Nicole Mast. I think she captures Rachel’s life quite well. Thanks Amber!

And friends you can take a peak and let me know if you agree by clicking right here:

Rachel’s Typical Tuesday at http://www.malmbergjoys.blogspot.com/

TT dancing in her room

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  1. I just loved seeing the pictures of Rachel’s Day. I miss her sweet soul! She could give my kids lessons in bed making for sure!

  2. She misses you too. She brings you up every now and then. If you are on FB look for me. She did an tv interview last week that you would love. Take care.

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